Best Amy Porterfield Podcast Episodes

Best Amy Porterfield Podcast Episodes for Course Creators Right Now

Did you ever watch that show Who wants to be a millionaire? 

The best part about it was that for one hour a week, everyone in America felt like they had a chance at a million dollars. 

It was almost like…if we had just the right amount of knowledge, we could answer a few questions and be rich.

It felt close. It felt doable. 

Kind of like how really great teachers make you feel when they’re teaching you new concepts. 

For me, Amy Porterfield is that teacher. 

She once said:

“I believe you can make a million dollars over time with one course.”

Talk about a modern day Regis Philbin. 

And she’s done it. (Several times.) 

Now, she teaches everyone how they can, too.

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Best Amy Porterfield Podcast Episodes for Course Creators Right Now

Today, I’m sharing the best Amy Porterfield podcast episodes for course creators to listen to right now, so they can get closer to that first million.

And I say “right now”, because it’s time we change the way we think about making money with online courses. 

They’re not just a way to make a quick buck. 

They’re everywhere, which means they’re getting harder to sell, and they need to be 10x better than the ‘basic’ courses everyone is putting out.

Which means we need to figure out a way for YOU to stand out from the pack. 

The best way to do that?

Be fanatical about your students’ success, and about delivering way more value than they ever expected.

And Amy teaches just that in the podcast episodes below. 

Don’t have time to listen to all of them?

No sweat. I’ve listed the time stamps for all the juicy parts in each episode, so you can skip right to them. (Or just read my summary below.)

Who wants to be a millionaire? ?

Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast Episode #275: 10 Ways to Get Your Students to the Finish Line (click to listen)

  • 11:32: Create a personal onboarding Welcome sequence for your new students with a weekly email that reminds them of the smart decision they’ve made to invest in your course.
  • 21:34: Encourage accountability by either pairing up your students to have weekly Zoom chats, or giving them guidance on pairing up themselves and what they can discuss/do each week to get results. 
  • 26:24: Give rewards or prizes for the most engaged and dedicated students. Amy shares some great examples here.

Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast Episode #252: The Three Little Known “Personal Touchpoints” I Added to My Recent Course Launch (click to listen)

  • 7:23: Respond to customer service emails with a voice/video message to personalize responses for people on the fence. (Use tools like Snagit or Loom.)
  • 14:40: Add a live chat to your course sales page to answer customer questions quickly (e.g., Olark, Drift).
  • 23:18: As the final email in your course launch, send an off-the-cuff, from-the-heart final video that addresses their fears and how you’ll support them if they’re worried about signing up.

Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast Episode #166: How to Rework Your Struggling Online Course (click to listen)

  • 15:33: Send a survey to students, asking things like: What was your biggest challenge before the course? How could we have better supported you? (Click here for Amy’s actual course survey questions, no opt-in required).
  • 20:21: When looking over survey results, send them to a couple of other people on your team or in your industry to get their take on the results (they might see something in the feedback that you miss).
  • 26:50: Create a master rework doc and answer the questions: Where are my students stuck? What negative feedback do they have? What do they want more of? 

Online Marketing Made Easy Episode #143: How Do I Know If I’m Delivering Enough Value in My Course (for the Price I Want to Charge)? (click to listen)

Easy value-adds for your online course that Amy recommends:

  • 21:48: Add a supplemental audio to a lesson students can’t seem to get past. Give advice on how they can push through. Or have it be a companion to something they’re already learning.
  • 27:13: Invite experts to put their spin on things in your course. This could bring more value to your course, just make sure the expert doesn’t outshine you! 
  • 30:18: Add done-for-you templates or swipe files that make your students’ lives easier. 
  • 37:13: Show up weekly for your students either one-on-one or in group Facebook Live chats. Your students buy you first, then your course.

I love that Amy speaks from experience, and follows my personal belief that when your students win, you win.

Over to you…

What did you think of these tips? Comment below and let me know. 

And if you loved these, share this post with any course creators who need it.

To your online teaching success,


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