Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Proof Mango?

Proof Mango is a proofreading service for online course creators.

What do you mean by ‘proofreading'?

By ‘proofreading,' we mean we check your course content for typos, grammar errors, punctuation, and consistency (font, colors, capitalization, etc.). Because we are proofreading online course content, we also call out when things don't make sense, because we care about your learners! We'll also make notes when other words would work better (word usage).

What do you proofread/edit?

We proofread all course-related materials, including: launch emails, landing pages, sales pages, transcripts, modules, slides, and ad content. If your content doesn't fall into those categories, send us a message so we can see how we can help!

How much does it cost?

The total cost for proofreading your course will depend on how much content you have and when you'd like it returned. For more info, check out our Services page or request a quote for more specific pricing.

What's your turnaround time?

We're flexible! We offer turnaround times as soon as 24 hours and as far out as 1-2 weeks for larger courses. Let us know when you'll need your materials back in our quote request form.

Can you proofread other content?

While we try to stick to online course-related content, we understand that online business owners with courses have other content needs too! We're happy to proofread other content that will help with the promotion of your business or course, including blog posts, social media content, membership content, or other marketing-related content. Just let us know when you request a quote.

What do you deliver to me?

After we proofread your content, we'll deliver your content back to you with suggested changes. For example, in Google Docs and Microsoft Word, you'll get your document back with edits using the Track Changes feature so you can accept or reject the edits.

In a PDF or a PowerPoint/Google Slides deck, we'll leave comments with the changes we suggest, and you're free to implement the changes you see fit.

How do I know my course is safe with you?

Before we start, we'll send you a service agreement that ensures the privacy of your course. We also ask that you share a coupon code with us if we need to access your course platform for the content, that way we're not accessing any of the back-end features.

Need more questions answered?

Contact us anytime at [email protected].